Access to Records

Keene Beauty Academy agrees with, and maintains as policy, the principles and practices of Public Law 93-579: The Privacy Act of 1974 of the United States.

We do not release information about students. Exceptions include the written permission of the student, a parent or guardian of a minor (or tax dependent) student, except in the case of the governing agencies, such as an accrediting agency, Dept. of Education, third party servicer, or law enforcement agency.

The Student has the right to gain access to his/her files, under the supervision of the Director providing the student submits a written request within 10 business days.

All student records are maintained for at least five (5) years. No information will be released to a third party without the student’s written permission.


Keene Beauty Academy counsels students on an “as needed” basis. If the administration feels a student is in need of counseling whether for personal issues, behavior problems, unsatisfactory progress in attendance or grade point average, the student is met in a private setting to discuss the appropriate measures to be taken.

Rules of Conduct

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner while attending the Academy. Respect to fellow students, instructors, staff and clients is mandatory. Students who fail to meet expectations will face disciplinary actions and possible dismissal from the Academy.

Behavior deemed unprofessional includes acts such as, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Drug and/or alcohol use
  2. Yelling or loud talking
  3. Profanity or sarcasm

Grading & Student Evaluation

Grading of academic and practical work at Keene Beauty Academy is based on test scores. All criteria is based on industry standards and made known to each student. Progress is charted carefully by recording academic test grades and practical test grades. A 74% average in academic subjects and practical skills constitutes a passing grade.

Other important areas of evaluation are attendance, attitude, effort and personal appearance. By providing evaluation, we offer feedback to each student and advise them on how to improve weaker areas while encouraging them to grow in their areas of strength. Complete Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy is available on page 9 in the catalog and distributed at students’ initial interview prior to enrollment.

Academic & Practical Grade Equivalencies

Test Grade – Interpretation

74-100  – Satisfactory

0-73  – Unsatisfactory

Incomplete – Unsatisfactory

Tardiness, Absences & Makeup Work

A student arriving after their scheduled arrival time will be deemed tardy. At that time, a student will need permission to enter a class that is
already in session.

A late arrival should be announced 30 minutes prior to the scheduled arrival time.

  • Students whose training is extended beyond the calculated completion date due to unexcused absences from school will be required to pay an additional charge equal to the rate stated in their contract for each hour training is extended. 2016 rates for overtime hours are Cosmetology;12.00 per hour; Esthetics; 16.67 per hour;
  • The student is responsible for obtaining class notes and homework assignments for missed time.
  • Exams missed due to absence must be made up no later than the first Friday following the students return. Makeup exams are to be scheduled at the convenience of the instructor.
  • If an entire subject is missed due to absence, the student is required to take the class offered in the next available time frame that does not interfere with a normally scheduled class.


Terms for termination include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Unsatisfactory progress, in grade point average and/or attendance average.
  2. Serious disregard of schools rules and regulations.
  3. A violation of school’s drug and alcohol prevention policy. A termination notice will be given in writing in accordance with NACCAS, KBA’s accrediting agency. An appeal must be received within 5 business days of KBA’s written notification. Upon receipt of written appeal, a decision of the school board, consisting of Administrator, Director, one instructor of a student’s choice and one outside member of  KBA’s choice, will be rendered within 15 business days. Decisions of the board are final.

Graduation & Licensing

Upon successful completion of a course, the student is awarded a diploma certifying training in all branches of their chosen field. The graduate is then eligible to take the state board licensing exam. The graduate may also apply for an interim or temporary permit to work (NH) while waiting for the state exam.

Graduation Requirements

Students will graduate upon completion of the required number of hours listed below, subject to the following conditions:

A. The required number of projects are completed
B.The student maintains a cumulative academic average of seventy – four percent (74%) at the date of graduation.
C.The student will have fulfilled all financial obligations to the school, with the student understanding that prior to becoming licensed they must pass the state board exam.


In order to graduate from Keene Beauty Academy in Cosmetology, students must have completed 1500 hours of training, achieved a minimum average of 74% on academic work, practical work and attendance, and completed the required number of projects.


In order to graduate from Keene Beauty Academy in Esthetics, students must have completed 600 hours of training, achieved a minimum average of 74% on academic work, practical work and attendance, and completed the required number of projects.

Graduate Placement

As part of our educational objectives, Keene Beauty Academy is ready to assist the graduate with job search. We maintain a current list of employers with job openings. Although Keene Beauty Academy cannot guarantee employment to graduates, we teach a thorough program in the skills of job seeking.

Keene Beauty Academy will assist the student in coordinating his or her job seeking efforts. Because we believe in training each student to be as marketable as possible, our curriculum includes instruction on how to interview, prepare a resume, and organize a job search. In addition, potential employers are encouraged to visit the academy, and students are encouraged to begin off–campus interviews during their final eight weeks of training. As with any school, Keene Beauty Academy cannot guarantee employment upon completion of the course of study.

Admission Requirements

  • Must complete Admissions Interview and Tour
  • Three (3) references
  • Non Refundable application fee paid and satisfactory arrangements made regarding tuition
  • State of NH Cosmetology Board application completed and licensure fee paid
  • Four (4) passport photos submitted
  • Proof of Identity,age, and residence, i.e. driver’s license, birth certificate submitted
  • Proof of permission to reside or receive training in the USA if applicable.
  • Must take entrance exam. (For aptitude information gathering purposes only)
  • Keene Beauty Academy can admit an applicant who exhibits professional potential and must provide proof they have graduated high school or passed a G.E.D. exam. Keene Beauty Academy does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, color, ethnic origin, or religion.
  • Applicant who received online secondary education; validity of source of certification or diploma will be thoroughly researched and verified though and a full secondary education transcript will need to be submitted by the applicant. In order for a student to receive Federal Student Aid funding self certification will not be sufficient.
  • Homeschooled students though not considered to have a high school diploma or equivalent, they are eligible to receive FSA funds if their secondary
    school education was in a homeschool that state law treats as a home or private school. Some states issue a secondary school completion credential to homeschoolers. If this is the case in the state where the student was homeschooled, they must obtain this credential to be eligible for FSA funds. They can include in their homeschooling self-certification that they received this state credential.
  • Applicants who are of compulsory age (NH 16y) will be considered when they can provide verifiable proof of completed secondary education. It should be noted that NH State Board of Barbering Cosmetology and Esthetics does not issue professional license applicants until the age of 18.
  • Keene Beauty Academy does not admit students under the Ability to Benefit program.

Transfer Students

The school accepts transfer students who meet all other admission requirements. The hours earned toward graduation at the previous school will be awarded to the student providing that: (a) such hours are accepted by Keene Beauty Academy; and (b) in the school’s opinion, the student’s skill level is equivalent to the skill level expected of a student who has completed an equivalent number of hours at this school. The student will also be required to submit three letters of reference. See full Transfer Policy in First Day Book.


  • If a course is cancelled subsequent to a student’s enrollment and before the students starting date, the academy shall provide a full refund of all monies paid.
  • If the course is cancelled after the student has begun to attend classes, the students will, at a minimum, comply with item E of the refund policy.
  • If the academy is permanently closed and no longer offering instructions after a student has enrolled, the student shall be entitled to a prorated refund of tuition.


Keene Beauty Academy will assist students in finding suitable housing. We suggest students begin investigating housing options at least six weeks prior to their starting date. Keene Beauty Academy cannot guarantee housing.

Application Fee

A non-refundable application fee is due prior to the start of class. This fee maintains the students enrollment while completing further enrollment requirements. Late payments could result in a roll over to the next start date, depending on class size. You may purchase your student kit independently, or through the Academy. This fee is 100.00 for all programs.

Financial Aid

Keene Beauty Academy participates in Federal Direct Student Loan programs for our Cosmetology and Esthetics programs. We also participate in U.S. Department of Education PELL grants for those eligible. The Academy’s financial aid office will supply you with the proper forms and applications. The student and/or parents may be required to submit copies of Income Tax Returns to verify income levels. It is recommended that applicants start the financial aid process well before starting school.  Keene Beauty Academy will assist in setting up a no interest cash payment plan for interested applicants.

Refund Policy

A. Rejection: an applicant rejected by this institution will be entitled to a full refund of all monies paid toward tuition.

B. Acceptance: if a student, or in the case of a student under the state’s legal age, his/her parent or guardian, cancels her/his enrollment and demands her/his monies back, in writing after three business days of the signing of this enrollment contract, all monies will be refunded with the exception of a non-refundable application fee of $100. The cancellation date will be determined by the postmark on written notification, or the date said information is delivered to the school administrator/owner in person. This policy applies regardless of whether or not the student had actually started training.

C. If a student cancels her/his enrollment within three business days of signing, and prior to entering classes, she/he will be entitled to a refund of all monies paid to the school, less an application fee of $100 for the course. If a student does not notify the institution the he/she is withdrawing, formal termination shall be based on monitoring of participation determined by the institution in attendance and/or academics. For students who do not return from a leave of absence, the date of withdrawal shall be the earlier of the date of expiration of the LOA or the date the student notifies the institution that the student will not be returning. Unofficial withdrawals are for clock hour students are determined by the school through clock hour attendance every thirty days.

D. Any monies due will be refunded within 45 days of written cancellation or termination.

E. The return of Title IV funds as prescribed in Section 484B of the HEA Amendments determines the amount of Title IV aid a student has earned at the time a student withdraws. The amount of Title IV aid a student has not earned is then returned to the Title IV programs. It is a proportional calculation based on the date of withdrawal through sixty percent (60%) of the payment period.

The formula in brief is as follows:

  1. The institution will determine the date of withdrawal and then determine the percentage of the payment period attended by the student.
  2. The institution will determine the amount of Title IV aid for which the student was eligible by the percentage of time enrolled.
  3. The institution will compare the amount earned to the amount disbursed. If the amount of aid disbursed exceeds the amount earned, this amount of Title IV aid must be returned.
  4. The institution allocates the responsibility for returned unearned aid between the school and the student according to the portion of disbursed aid that could have been used to cover institutional charges and the portion that could have been disbursed directly to the student once institutional charges were covered.
  5. The institution and/or the student must then distribute the unearned Title IV aid back to the Title IV programs.
  6. For students who enroll and begin classes but withdraw prior to course completion (after three business days of signing the contract), or students who have been expelled, the following schedule of tuition earned by the school applies. All refunds are based on scheduled hours on students last day of attendance.

Minimum Tuition Adjustment Schedule

Percentage of enrollment time to total time of course …….. Amount of total tuition school will retain

0.01% to 4.9% ………………………………………………………………20%

5.0% to 9.9% ………………………………………………………………..30%

10.0% to 14.9% …………………………………………………………….40%

15.0% to 24.9% …………………………………………………………….45%

25.0% to 49.9% …………………………………………………………….70%

50% and over ………………………………………………………………100%

The order of any refunds is as follows: (1) Unsubsidized Stafford Loan (2) Subsidized Stafford Loan (3) PLUS, (4) PELL, (5) OTHR, (6) VOCR, (7) Scholarship.

F. A cancellation fee of $150 will be charged for students who withdraw or terminate at any time during their enrollment.

G. All cost of extra items to the student, such as books and the instructional supplies or equipment service charges, student activity fees, deposits, rental and other charges need not be figured in refund computations, provided such charges are itemized separately in the enrollment agreement, catalogs, or in other data furnished the student before enrollment. Please note such items are refundable under the circumstances described in Items 7A, B, C above.

H. If a course is canceled subsequent to a student’s enrollment, and before instruction in the course has begun, the school shall provide a full refund of all monies paid. If a school closes permanently and ceases to offer instruction after students have enrolled, and instruction has begun, the school will provide a pro-rata refund of all monies paid. If a school cancels a course and/or program and ceases to offer instruction after students have enrolled and instruction has begun; the school shall at its option: provide a pro-rata refund for all students transferring to another school based on the hours accepted by the receiving school.

I. The school may retain a refund of $25 or less that would be allocated to a Title IV program.

J. The student’s rights under this agreement may not be assigned to any other person.

A student should provide written notification to Keene Beauty Academy of his or her withdrawal. In the case of disabling illness or injury, death in the students’ immediate family, or any other documented mitigating circumstances, a reasonable and fair refund settlement will be made. If permanently closed or no longer offering
instruction after the student has enrolled, the school will provide a pro rata refund of tuition to the student OR provide course completion through a pre arranged teach out agreement with another institution. Students will be notified of amount of Title IV benefits they can expect to receive, and when, via a “Preliminary Award Letter” The refund to the student may exceed the Minimum Tuition Adjustment Schedule.
If a student has 14 consecutive days of absence, not documented as a leave of absence, Keene Beauty Academy will withdraw that student from enrollment. The last date of academic attendance will be determined by KBA from our attendance records. The student may provide written notification to KBA of their withdrawal prior to the date that KBA would normally determine that the student withdrew. The date of determination is the date of the notification.
If a student withdraws from enrollment without notifying the administration, Keene Beauty Academy will make any necessary refunds within 45 calendar days of the student’s last day of physical attendance.